Do You Know Ludo is Also Called Pachisi?

Meet Ludo

Ludo, a beloved board game, has roots in India, but did you know it has an older sibling?

Game of Royals

Pachisi was the game of choice for Indian nobility, enjoyed by emperors and kings.

Ludo's Evolution

Ludo, an adaptation of Pachisi, made its way to England during the British Raj.

The Modern Ludo

Ludo has evolved into the colorful and fun game through online games we know today.

Ludo's Global Appeal

Ludo has captured hearts worldwide, becoming a cherished family pastime.

Pachisi Lives On

Though less known, Pachisi continues to be played in its traditional form in India.

The Sibling Connection

The ancestral bond is created through Pachisi board game from ancient times, making them distant but connected relatives.

Play On!

Now that you know the fascinating connection, enjoy a game of Ludo or explore the history of Pachisi!