The Unwritten Rules of Ludo: Insider Ludo Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Ludo 101: Get ready to roll!

Learn the basic rules of Ludo, set strategies and implement the movement of your game pieces. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of strategy and luck.

Beginner’s Delight: The Lucky Six

Rolling a six gives you an extra turn, so aim for that lucky number to gain an advantage over your opponents. Keep those dice rolling, and hope for the best!

Safety Dance: The Power of Safety Zones

Utilise safety zones strategically to protect your pieces from being captured by opponents. Plan your moves wisely to ensure the safety of your valuable game pieces.

Play Smart, Break Hearts: Block the Opponents

Position your game pieces strategically to block your opponent’s path. Creating obstacles can slow down their progress and you can gain a winning advantage.

Team Up or Go Solo: Choose the Right Strategy

Decide whether to collaborate with fellow players or go solo. Assess the game situation, adapt your strategy, and choose the approach that best suits your style.

The Art of Safe Bets: Prioritising Piece Safety

Balance offence and defense by strategically moving your game pieces. Safeguard vulnerable pieces while seizing opportunities to capture opponents.

Mental Math Magic: Calculate Your Moves

Sharpen your mental math skills to calculate the best moves. Assess the risk and rewards, weigh probabilities, and make informed decisions to outsmart your opponents.