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Ludo is a well-known board game that has been around for many years and is being played today. People of all ages can play ludo game online, and it is loved by millions of people all across the globe. Here is everything you need to know to play an online ludo game and earn money on First Games Loodo.

Ludo Game Online

The board game known as Ludo has its roots in Indian culture. It's a game of strategy and chance; you may play the online ludo with two or four players. Rolling a dice allows you to move your pieces in the game, and the goal is to get all of your pieces from the starting position to your house. The winner of the ludo game is the one who arrives at their house with all their pieces in their possession first. The ludo game has also progressed along with the development of technology. Ludo may now be played online with people from around the globe competing against one another. In recent years, online ludo have grown in popularity, and this trend was particularly evident during the pandemic when individuals were confined to their homes due to illness. You can play ludo online on many platforms, including mobile applications, websites, and social media.

How to Play Ludo Online?

To participate in online ludo, you will need to carry out the following steps for online ludo download. While there are several types of Ludo apps available, you can trust First Games Loodo as it is the best Loodo app for safe and fair gameplay. Here are the steps for how to play ludo.

Step 1: Go to First Games Loodo website and download the app.
After installing the mobile application or going to the website, you must register and set up an account to play ludo online on First Games. You can also play ludo after online ludo download to earn exciting gifts and rewards.

Step 2: Select the Kind of Game You Want to Play
Various online ludo games are available in the online Ludo game app. You have the option to play any game that matches your tastes.

Step 3: Determine the Total Number of Participants
You can play ludo online multiplayer games with anywhere from two to four people. It is necessary for you to choose the total number of participants in the game. You can play ludo game online 4 players or any other variants to win rewards. 

Step 4: Start Playing
After deciding what kind of game to play and how many people will participate, you may begin the game. You can also play ludo online free on Ludo apps to brush up your skills.

To move your pieces, you must roll the dice and then refer to the number on the dice. The winner of the game is the player who gets the highest points at the end. Ludo's skill and luck mix makes it a thrilling game for all. Master its tricks and become a champion!

Important Ludo rules you need to know

Online Ludo is a well-liked online version of the traditional board game. The basic Ludo rules remain the same, but specific crucial guidelines are unique to online Ludo that players should be aware of:

  1. Game Setup: Players in Online Ludo often have a choice of 2 to 4 players. Each player has a color (red, blue, green, or yellow) allocated to them, and their home base initially contains four tokens of that color.
  2. Dice Rolling: In online Ludo, the dice are often rolled automatically or by pressing a specific button. To find out how many spaces their token may go, each player takes a turn rolling the dice.
  3. Token Movement: Players must roll a six on the die to move a token. The number of spaces may advance a token the dice indicates once in play. Around the board, tokens must be moved in a clockwise fashion.
  4. Capturing: When a player's token touches a spot where an opponent's token is already present, the opponent's token is taken and returned to their home base. Tokens that have been captured must be rolled again with a six.
  5. Safe Zones: Online Ludo boards often have designated safe zones where opponents cannot capture tokens. Typically, these safe zones are the colored circles at a player's home base or the last leg of the field leading to the decisive goal.
  6. Goal Completion: A player must get all four tokens into the main goal area to win the game. To enter the goal, a player must use all of their actions and the precise dice roll for the tokens to fall on the goal spot.
  7. Extra Turns: Rolling a six gives players an additional turn. A player loses their turn if they roll six three times in a row.
  8. Online etiquette: When playing online Ludo, sportsmanship is crucial. The use of unfair tactics, cheating, or disruptive conduct should all be avoided by players.

It's crucial to remember that different online Ludo platforms may have different rules and gaming mechanics. Therefore, getting acquainted with the platform or games you are using is advised.

Loodo Game Variants in First Games

Tired of the same old Ludo routine? First Games has got you covered with a vibrant mix of exciting Ludo variants! Dive into Turn-based battles where you take turns to use strategy and try to score points, with each player getting the same number of turns. Think fast in Time-based clashes, where the clock ticks down as you race to the finish. Can you conquer the challenge within the allotted time? 


In addition to classic modes, First Games offers fun Ludo challenges with tournaments of different entry fees, prize money, and time limits—show your skills, beat opponents, and win cool rewards!


There will be an equal number of turns for each player to increase their scores. With two or four people, you can play this mode. Before entering the game, the player will be aware of the predetermined number of turns. When every player has had their turn, the game will end. Based on their total number of points, players will be rated on a scoreboard and given prizes. 


The game is timed, as the name would imply. Depending on the version the player selects, a timer will start. Each player will have a set amount of time for each move. The move allows time for both the die roll and pawn movement. The game ends when the timer expires, and the scoring is the same as in turn-based games. Based on their total number of points, players will be rated on a scoreboard and given prizes.


After downloading the game, you can decide which Ludo challenges game you wish to play next. You will notice a variety of options where the terms prize money, entry fee, game time, challengers, etc. are mentioned. You can choose the payment method according to your convenience, such as whether you desire a UPI transaction or adding through another method, when the payment page appears on the screen. You will be taken to the game room after making your selection and adding money in accordance with your choices.

Why is online Ludo so popular?

The Ludo game that you play online comes with a variety of elements that elevate its level of excitement and enjoyment. The following are some of the features:

A game of Ludo that is played online might have participation from players all over the globe. You can play online ludo game and earn money as well as connect with individuals from all over the globe and engage in games of Ludo with them.

Majority of the online version of Ludo has a built-in chat function that enables you to converse with your rivals while the game progresses. Because of this feature, the game is far more entertaining and engaging.

The score of the best players in an online game of Ludo is shown on leaderboards beside their names. You will be able to compete against other users and attempt to move up the leaderboard with the help of this function.

Play online ludo game and earn money and  various prizes, including cash, jewels, and other objects used inside the game. These awards may be used to purchase additional boards, dice, and other goods in the game.

You can personalize the game board, the dice, and the pieces when you play Ludo online. To put your unique spin on the game, you may give the game board, the dice, and the individual game pieces a variety of colors and patterns.

What are the Tips and Strategies for the Ludo Online Game?

Here are the ludo tricks to play your game and to put your best foot forward while playing the game.

Focus on Moving All Your Pieces to Your Home
The game aims to be the first player to get all their pieces inside their house. Therefore, your primary attention should be on bringing all your items inside your house as rapidly as possible.

Use the Safe Spots
In the board game Ludo, there are some locations on the game board where your pieces are immune to being taken by other players. Use these protected areas to keep your pieces safe and improve your chances of coming out on top.

Make the Most Effective Moves You Can.
You must examine the game board and choose the action that will benefit your pieces the most. It would help if you tried to avoid taking actions that expose your pieces to the possibility of being captured by your opponents.

Pay Attention to the Actions That Your Competitors Take
Pay close attention to the actions of your adversaries and do your best to anticipate what movements they will make next. This will assist you in planning your actions and keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

Take Care Not to Be Overly Aggressive
Although it is essential to move your pieces rapidly, being too aggressive might have the opposite of the desired effect. It is essential to strike a balance between your aggressiveness and prudence and take strategic actions and reduce the likelihood that you will lose any of your pieces.

Don't Stop Throwing the Dice!
Ludo is a game of skill and chance, and one of the most critical aspects of the game is rolling the dice. Please continue to take chances and have faith that something good will come of it. In addition, you should be ready to modify your approach according to the dice roll results. By practicing and playing free games , you can learn how to play ludo online with friends. 

How to download Ludo game?

You can Download Ludo Game and play it on your mobile device with a faster Ludo game loading time. 

Download Loodo game for android by following these steps

  • Open the web browser on your mobile and open the official website of the First Games Loodo for loodo app download.
  • To install the app on your smartphone, click the link. You will get a notification asking you to confirm the download and make the necessary adjustments to your phone's settings.
  • Change the settings as necessary to allow the Loodo game app download.
  • To activate the app and finish the installation, select the new icon on your home screen.
  • Log in to the Android loodo app now and agree to the terms of service.
  • Utilizing the First Games app, you can select Loodo as your first game.

Steps of Ludo App Download on iOS:
If you use iOS and have an iPhone or iPad, you can follow these instructions to download the Ludo game for iOS and begin playing right away:

  • Search for the First Games app on the app store.
  • The app will show up at the very top. Select the "download" option, then carry out the installation.
  • Once the Loodo game installation is complete, continue with the register procedure by providing your information.
  • To finish the registration process, enter the app with your registered cellphone number. An OTP will be sent to you for verification. 
  • Once the formalities are complete, touch the Loodo game icon to start playing your favorite Ludo iOS game.

Why Play Loodo on First games?

Playing Loodo on First Games Loodo will give you a host of benefits. Here are some of them:

Improves Strategy and Planning Skills
Ludo is a game that requires tactics and forethought. Because you need to make strategic movements and plan to win the game of Ludo that you play online, you may develop your analytical and planning abilities if you play ludo online with friends.

Contributes to an Enhancement of Social Skills
Many of the online version of Ludo includes a chat function that enables you to converse with your opponents while you are playing the game. Thanks to this function, your ability to communicate with individuals from various corners of the globe may assist develop your social skills.

Amusement and relaxation are both provided by it.
The ability to play Ludo at any time using the online ludo app and from any location makes the online version of the game a source of enjoyment and relaxation. It is a beautiful opportunity to take a vacation from the rigors of everyday life and relax healthily.

Contributes to an Increase in Concentration
Playing the Ludo on ludo online app takes full attention and concentration from the player. Your capacity to concentrate and focus on tasks benefits from this, as does your ability to develop those talents.

Individuals of all ages may enjoy the Ludo game on First Games Loodo, which is enjoyable and exciting for those participating. Because it has a multiplayer component, it enables you to connect with other users from anywhere globally and compete with them. Online ludo play now has various features, like talking, leaderboards, awards, and the ability to customize the game, all of which make it more exciting and entertaining. By playing the Ludo game online on First Games, you can improve your ability to strategize and plan, as well as your social skills and focus with free online ludo game. Other advantages include expanding your social circle. Download the First Games Loodo app that lets you play Loodo online, and get started playing Ludo online right now.

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Which version of ludo is the best?
There is no hard-and-fast rule on this matter as all the variants of the game have their share of advantages. However, you might prefer First Games Loodo to the other variants as it is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.
What is the maximum number of participants in a ludo game?
A maximum of 4 players can play this game.
Is ludo a skill-based game?
Ludo is a skill-based game as you need a lot of skills to decide what to do with the dice rolls on the Ludo board. For instance, you need to apply your brains to decide between sending the tokens of your competitors to the starting circle or taking your tokens to the finishing square if such a situation arises in the course of a game. While their is a small luck factor with what the dice rolls in a ludo game, all the tokens are on the starting circle at the start of play. Hence, there is no need to roll a six on the die to open a token for play.
Is ludo an easy game?
You can start playing the game straight away, even as a beginner, by learning a few rules. However, just like other strategy-based games, it also has its share of challenges which you need to overcome in order to win a game against your opponents.
How can one play the Ludo game online?
You can play online ludo game and earn money on a Ludo app by using the electronic adaptation of the classic board game of the same name. The ludo game online play enables players from all over the globe to compete against one another.
Where can I get an online version of the game Ludo?
You may play the Ludo game online by visiting a website that provides the game, downloading an app for playing Ludo online from the app store on your device, or play multiplayer game ludo online.
How to play ludo online for free?
The First Games online Loodo app and website offer ludo online free. On the other hand, you can use online ludo play now.


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