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People from all walks of life and around the globe have played the classic board game Ludo for many years. It is a game that requires both ludo strategy and chance, and it is played on a board divided into squares in a specific pattern. Wondering how to play ludo online? Here are some of the best Ludo rules and Ludo Game information to win cash and rewards.

Essential Ludo Rules

In the First Games Loodo app, each player gets four tokens to use during the game while playing, which takes place on a digital board with a grid layout.

Ludo game rules for starting the game
• Each player receives four pawns of the color, they are randomly assigned to.
• The first rolling round is given to the player assigned the Blue-colored pawns.
• You receive the first turn to roll the cuboid and move your pawn if you have blue pawns
• Players take turns clockwise, beginning with the blue pawns.

Ludo game rules for moving pawns on the board:
•Keep rolling at the start of each turn and moving your pawns.
• If a player receives a 6, they must move a pawn before rolling the cuboid again.
• Kill a Pawn: The opponent's pawn is returned to its initial position if your pawn touches theirs. The game interface will show players how much time they have for each turn.

The winner of the game is the one who scored the most points at the end of the allotted game time or the end of all the turns allotted in the game.

All tokens are already active for all the players. You just have to roll and move your tokens without activating a token with a six. If a player's token happens to fall on a space that is already being used by an opponent's token, the opponent's token will be returned to its initial position. The player that is awarded another turn is the one who sends their opponent's token back to the beginning position.

Ludo's gameplay may be more exciting thanks to a few extra elements and variants in the online version. For instance, many versions of Ludo that can be played online have power-ups that players may acquire if their token falls on a particular square. These power-ups have the potential to confer an advantage onto the player, such as granting them an additional turn, protecting them from being sent back to the beginning of the level, or allowing them to advance a token to a more significant number of spaces than the number shown on the dice.

Another version of Ludo that can be played online is "team mode", in which players may form alliances and compete against other teams. In this mode, players take turns rolling the dice and moving their tokens, but the tokens of their partner are also counted as their tokens for this game. The winner of the game is the group that gets all of its tokens to the finish line before the other teams do.

Now that you have all of your tokens, it's time to roll the dice and start the game! Ludo is a game that can be played online that is both enjoyable and thrilling by following the Ludo rules, and it can be played with friends and family from any location in the globe. You can play the game confidently and have a good time if you follow the guidelines and learn how to play Ludo online.


turn based

Each participant will have an equal number of turns to increase their points. With two or four people, you can play this mode. Before entering the game, the player will know the predetermined number of turns and learn how to play ludo game. When every player has taken their turn, the game will end. Players will be rated on a scoreboard and given prizes based on their total number of points.

Time based

This ludo game is timed, as the name implies. Depending on the version the player selects, a timer will start. Each player will have a certain amount of time for each action. The move allows time for both the dice roll and pawn movement. The game ends when the timer expires, and the scoring is the same as in turn-based games. Players will be rated on a scoreboard and given prizes based on their total number of points.

Best Strategy For Ludo: Win Ludo EVERY Time!

Winning in Online Ludo takes Ludo Tricks and a little luck. Following the Ludo board game rules can earn real money and exciting rewards.

To win, players must move their tokens as effectively as possible while avoiding being sent back to the start by landing on areas held by their opponents' tokens. Players might use the following strategies to improve their chances of victory:

1. Prioritize moving tokens closer to the finish line: It is critical to prioritize moving tokens closest to the finish line. This method enables players to get their tokens over the finish line quicker, increasing their chances of winning.

2. Prevent opponents from moving their tokens: When players have tokens near their opponents' tokens, they may prevent their opponents from moving their tokens by putting their tokens in the areas through which their opponents must go. This tactic may be pretty successful in slowing down opponents and increasing players' chances of winning.

3. Please pay attention to the dice: Players should plan their movements according to the number they roll on the dice. If a player rolls a six, they may either place a token from their starting point onto the board or move a token already on the board six spaces ahead. If a player rolls a number greater than the spaces needed to reach the finish line, they must return their token to the finish line.

4. Play defensively: Players should also guard their tokens to prevent their opponents from sending them back to the start. This method entails relocating tokens so they do not fall on places held by opponents' tokens. To prevent being caught by opponents, tokens may also be moved out from the center of the board.

5. Please don't be too aggressive: While moving your tokens aggressively and attempting to wipe out your opponents' tokens is tempting, it's crucial not to get too carried away. This exposes your tokens to being returned to the beginning location, resetting you in the game.

6. Maintain flexibility: The game of Online Ludo is unexpected, and players must be ready to adjust to various scenarios. If a player's tokens are stopped or returned to the beginning place, they must be able to change their approach and devise a new plan.

7. Learn from your errors: Players should learn from their mistakes and utilize each game to develop their abilities. Reflecting on what went wrong in a game and altering your approach for the next game may help players improve and become more competitive in Online Ludo.

In addition to these methods, players should be aware of the several Online Ludo variants and Ludo board game rules. In team mode, for example, players collaborate with a teammate to advance their tokens to the finish line. Players must coordinate their actions and plan with their companions to win in this mode.

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Winning in Online Ludo requires a mix of strategy and chance. Players must be informed of the ludo rules and use various strategies to move their tokens effectively, avoid being sent back to the beginning place, and block their opponents' actions. Players can learn how to play ludo game and have hours of fun with friends and family with practice and patience.

Everyone may enjoy playing Ludo online since it is fun and thrilling by following the simple Ludo rules. You can enjoy ludo game online with complete self-assurance if you adhere to the above-mentioned regulations. Download Ludo Game now to win daily!


How many people may participate in Online Ludo?
Ludo may be played online with two to four people. Two teams of two players battle against each other in team mode.
How do you play Ludo online ?
To begin an Online Ludo game, each player must choose a color and set their four tokens at their starting spot. The person who rolls the highest dice number goes first.
What happens if you roll a six in Ludo?
If a player rolls a six, they may either place a token from their starting point onto the board or move a token already on the board six spaces ahead. In addition, the player is given another turn.
What happens if you land on a space held by an opponent's token in online ludo?
If a player lands on an opponent's token, the opponent's token is returned to the beginning location. The player that returned the opponent's token is given another turn.
How do power-ups work in Ludo?
Power-ups are unique powers that players may employ to outperform their opponents. The power-up is triggered when a player lands on the spot with a power-up symbol. The player may then utilize the power-up whenever they choose throughout their turn.
How to play Ludo game on a mobile device?
Several mobile applications enable users to play Internet Ludo on their mobile devices. Make sure you have all the Ludo Game information before starting.
What is the ludo rule for three sixes?
As per the Ludo Rules, the player receives an additional roll following his move whenever a six is rolled. The player forfeits his turn if three sixes are rolled in succession.


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