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Ludo is a time-honored board game that appeals to players of all ages and demographics and has been around for many decades. It is a game that can be played with anywhere from two to four players, and the goal is to race against your opponents to place all of your tokens or pieces in the game's center before they do. If you are willing to learn how to play online ludo, then keep reading.

It doesn't matter who you're playing with—friends, family, or even total strangers—the game is simple to pick up and play, and it provides a ton of entertainment no matter who you're with.

How to Play Ludo


Understanding the purpose of this fantastic board game is crucial before rolling the dice, setting up games, and doing a variety of other things. Each player is given a corner as the game starts, along with four pieces of color representing that corner. Players utilize a predetermined plan or strategy to get their pieces to the house of their respective color before their opponents do so when the game begins, with all four pieces in their respective yards.

Imagine you start the game with a red corner and four pieces of the same color. If you look closely, a red-colored house may be seen in the board's center. Your goal is to use your pieces to score the most points possible. You get equal points for each move you make on the board. The number of points will be subtracted from your opponent's score and added to your own whenever you capture a piece or token. The point value of the score is doubled if your piece makes it home.

The ludo game is much more straightforward nowadays than in the past. Because of the proliferation of internet gaming, it is now possible to compete in a game of Ludo against players from all over the globe. Let's walk through the dos and don'ts of playing Ludo online and show you how to play the Ludo game.

Choose an Online Ludo Game

Several versions of Ludo are available to play online, each with its features and approach to the game. You can play Ludo through a mobile application of First Games Loodo. You can also enjoy free online ludo games on the app.

Look for ludo games in the First Games app and read the rules to know how to play ludo. After locating the game you are interested in playing, you must download it and install it on your device.

Register and Sign In

To begin playing the game, you must establish an account and sign in after downloading and installing the game. The procedure of registering for a game might differ depending on your choice; however, most games need you to establish a password and provide an email address or phone number.

Choose a Game Mode

After you have successfully logged in, various gameplay modes will be available to you. These are the most typical types of game modes:

You may play a single game against a single opponent in the Quick Mode of the game, characterized by its fast speed. This mode is ideal if you want to play a fast game without committing to a more extended gaming session since it allows you to play without time limits.

In this mode, the game is played according to the rules always used for Ludo. This game can be played with anywhere from two to four people, and it may take thirty minutes to an hour to finish.

The Ludo game tournament feature is a feature that allows you to compete against other players in a tournament setting. The tournament's victor will get a reward for their efforts.

Invite Friends or Join a Public Game

You can play Ludo online with your friends or join a public game and compete against players from around the world. You may invite your friends to play the game with you by sending them a link or by using the invite tool included in the game. You also have the option to participate in a game open to the public and compete against other players who are also seeking a match.

Understand the Game Rules

The Ludo rules are easy to understand, but there is a possibility that they may be somewhat altered depending on the version of the game that you play. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the game's rules before beginning to play. Here are the ground regulations:

  • To win the game, each player must maneuver their four tokens or pieces from their respective starting positions to the middle of the board.
  • You have to roll certain dice to move a token. The number you roll will decide how many spaces you can travel forward.
  • If you roll a six, you receive another chance to roll the dice, and you may move another token if you want to.
  • You win the game if you are the first player to get all of your tokens to the center of the board; if you land on a space held by an opponent's token, the opponent's token is returned to its starting place.
  • The game is over when the first person gets all their tokens to the center of the board.

Start Playing

You can begin ludo game as soon as you completely understand its rules. To select who will go first in the game, each player will roll the dice to see who will go first. The person who rolls the highest number goes first, and the play proceeds around the table clockwise.

To move a token, click on the token itself, then click on the spot you would want it to go to. Your token will automatically be moved to the chosen location when you play this game. If you roll a six, you have an additional chance to roll and may move one additional token. If you cannot move any of your tokens during your turn, the game continues to the next player in turn order.

As you move your tokens about the board, you must be cautious not to let your opponents catch you in their traps. If one of your tokens falls on a square already occupied by one of your opponent's tokens, that token will be returned to its original position. This might put you at a disadvantage relative to your opponents and set you behind in the game.

As you progress through the ludo game, you must develop a strategy and carefully plan your next move to stay one step ahead of the other players. You may also obtain an edge in some online Ludo games by using the power-ups and bonuses made accessible in certain games.

Finish the Game and Declare the Winner

The winner of the game is the person who is the first to bring all of their tokens to the center of the board. If more than one player reaches the center simultaneously, the winner is determined by whoever rolls the highest number on the dice. When one of the players successfully moves all of their tokens to the game's center, the game is over.

You can play ludo and earn money with players from all over the globe. Doing it via an online Ludo game can be much fun. This is all because of the advent of online gaming. Because of the proliferation of online gaming, you can now play Ludo on a website, a smartphone app, or even on social media platforms like Facebook. You may immediately start playing Ludo online by following the ludo tricks mentioned above.

Setting up the Loodo game of First Games: Play online

Like the usual ludo game, the online version also comprises a square board, and each corner has a specific color. Four colored pieces are placed over the yards of each color, and a route connects these corners. Each color has its own house or home in the center, and the routes also connect the yards to this section. There are some safe spots on the board where the pieces are entirely safe, which means no one can cut or eliminate them. The first step after moving out of the yards and the final five-step path leading to home is always safe, and no one can cut your pieces at these spots.

If you want to know how to play ludo, familiarize yourself with the Ludo strategies and plan mentioned above. You may become a Ludo expert in no time if you are willing to put in the effort on First Games online Loodo games. Download Ludo Game app now for more!


How to play Ludo online?
You can play ludo and earn money on the First Games app; however, certain games may demand in-app payments to access particular features or bonuses. Be careful to read the game's description as well as any reviews that have been written about it to see whether or not there are any hidden fees or expenses in ludo game play.
How to play Ludo online with several pals. Is it possible?
The answer is yes; you may ask your pals to join you when you play Ludo online. In most online Ludo games, a " invite " function lets you share a link with your friends or email them an invitation to play.
How long does it take to play a game of Ludo online?
The time it takes to complete a round of online Ludo varies according to the game style being played and the number of people involved. A game played in rapid mode may be completed in as little as ten minutes, while a game played in classic form might take up to an hour or even longer.
How to play Ludo game online on my mobile device?
Most online Ludo games can be played on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. You may play the game on your mobile device if you download it from the app store and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to play Ludo game versus random people on the internet?
You can compete against other players seeking a game by participating in public games, which is possible. When you play Ludo with other people, it's a terrific opportunity to strike up conversations and establish new acquaintances.
How to play online ludo and access more than one version of Ludo ?
Yes, you may play many variations of Ludo online, each with its features and approach to the game. Ludo King, time-based, and turn-based are some of the most well-known variations of the game.
How to learn to play ludo online quickly?
Ludo is a simple game to pick up, and most online games come with step-by-step guides and tutorials to help you get started. You can become an expert at Ludo in no time with only a little practice.


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