List Of Best Ludo Tricks To Win Every Game

Top 10 Ludo Tricks to Increase Your Chances of Winning

If you are fond of playing board games, one of your favourites has to be the classic game of ludo. This entertaining game will easily get anyone hooked. Ludo can be played by two or four players and the online ludo games are just as much fun as the traditional ones. Ludo is a game of skill and strategy, it is not just about luck, and this article shall introduce you to some amazing ludo tricks. Let us decode how to become a ludo winner.

How is online ludo different from offline ludo?

The best part about playing ludo online is that you don’t need to plan it in advance or set up the board, you can simply play ludo on your phone, on the go! A quick game of ludo is like a stress-buster, it will refresh your mind and help you drive away boredom. 

Online ludo is error-free, much faster than offline ludo and you can earn money by using your online ludo tricks too. This makes the game more rewarding and exciting. So what are you waiting for? Be a ludo winner, download First Games Loodo today! Follow these steps:

  • Download the app or visit the website 
  • You can choose to play ludo alone or invite family and friends
  • The rules of both offline and online ludo are the same, with a few changes

Understanding the rules of online Ludo

The first step in applying the ludo winning tricks is to understand the rules for playing ludo online. Check out the rules here -

  • The game requires a minimum of two or four players. You can choose to play with strangers as your opponents or you can play ludo alone against your phone or computer. 
  • Each player gets 4 tokens of the assigned colours including red, green, yellow and blue. The player who has been assigned blue colour, gets the chance to roll the dice first and the turns are followed in a clockwise direction.
  • The pawn will move according to the value of the dice on the entire board, towards the home column. 
  • Unlike offline ludo, in the First Games Loodo, the player does not require a specific number to take out a pawn on the board. Players have all 4 tokens available on the board once the game begins. 
  • You can kill an opponent’s pawn by landing on a tile that is occupied by a rival pawn. The player whose pawn has been eliminated will have to restart the game for that pawn. 
  • After completing an entire lap all 4 tokens reach the home triangle.
  • There are a total of 56 tiles on the board, for every tile the pawn moves, the player earns 1 point. 
  • On reaching home, the points are doubled and the player with the highest points at the end of the game is the ludo winner

How to win ludo? Tricks you must know.

Once you have mastered the ludo rules, you will naturally become more confident while playing the game. This will also help you make strategic decisions and get closer to winning.

  • Get all 4 tokens moving

In offline ludo, all 4 tokens are in the yard and must be moved manually by the player after they get a specific number by rolling the dice. But, in online ludo, the tokens are already open, and instead of making them rest in the yard, you must get all of them started first. This will reduce the unnecessary risk of getting killed by your opponent. Your focus should be on bringing all the tokens on the board as early as possible. If you proceed with 1 or 2 tokens there is a higher chance of your tokens getting killed, which means you will have to start again with that particular pawn.

  • Spread out your tokens across the board

Once all your tokens are in the game you must start moving them strategically and ensure that they are spread out across the board. This will allow you to block your opponent's route, chase rival tokens and give you more opportunities to eliminate them. Your tokens can move more freely if there’s no opponent nearby and head towards home by collecting points.

  • Eliminate your opponent’s tokens 

The game of Ludo becomes more exciting when you attack your opponents. Adopt a play tricks, and attack mindset while playing ludo but always calculate your risks beforehand. Be mindful of the positions in which your tokens are so that you never miss a chance to attack your opponent’s pawn. This will get you all the points of that particular pawn that the opponent loses.

  • Look for the safe spots

Whenever you are playing a game you must be ready for all kinds of situations and challenges. Two things to keep in mind are if your best pawn is attacked, make sure you have another pawn nearby to take its position and try your best to attack the player who is leading to impact their game. You can rest your pawn on the star-marked tile on the board where it can’t get killed. The line leading to your respective home is also safe where no one can eliminate your pawn. You must be patient and if your tokens are in safe spots do not move them until you can safely escape from the opponent’s tokens.

  • Be attentive

The best ludo player is always paying attention while trying to distract the opponent. This play trick is useful when any of your tokens are nearing the home and your opponent’s pawn is placed nearby. You can save your pawn if you start chasing your opponent’s pawn. For this strategy to work, you will need to concentrate and know where your opponent’s tokens are placed and how many steps are needed to attack other tokens.

  • Don’t rest your tokens for too long

While it is important to stay patient, players must ensure that their tokens are trying to reach home without waiting for too long. As soon as your pawn reaches home, your points are doubled. When your token is closer to home and you see a chance to kill another token, don’t take it until you are sure that you can still make it home safely and within time. 

  •  Be willing to take risks

If you are falling behind in the game of ludo, you must use a backup plan and attack your opponent. If the opponent's token is close to the finish line, you might want to take a chance and knock it down. This will not only make your opponent restart with that particular pawn but it also gives you a chance to pace up. Remember that in the game of ludo, it is hard to tell which player is going to win, right till the end seconds. So stay focused and use your best skills. 

  • Decide your gameplay in advance

Begin the game with your unique game strategy, while some focus on winning only and might want to play a little safe, some prefer to attack the opponent’s tokens and make the game more entertaining. 


No matter what your age is and which gender you belong to, the love for ludo is unmatched. Most individuals have lots of memories around this game and it is enjoyed by all. Ludo helps develop concentration, builds team spirit and teaches you to set goals and achieve them with a proper plan of action. If you wish to play ludo online, you will not have to set up the board nor will you have to invite your friends over. In just a few clicks you can explore the online ludo world, this is possible even when you are travelling and not carrying the board with you. The above-mentioned ludo tricks will improve your chance to win every time and you can win real cash rewards on First Games App by playing ludo, so download the First Games App now!


  • Is ludo a game of luck? Arrow
    Ludo is a game that involves some amount of luck because you cannot control the number you will get on rolling the dice. However, to be a ludo winner you will need to have a proper strategy and pay attention to the movements and positions of the tokens.
  • Will the ludo winner get a money prize? Arrow
    Yes, you can play online ludo and win some money. Download First Games loodo now. 
  • What is the exception to the rule of killing or eliminating a token in ludo? Arrow
    While playing ludo, if your token lands on the tile where your opponent’s token is, the opponent’s token is killed or eliminated and has to go back to the starting point. However, if the opponent has two tokens on a single tile, it is a safe zone and the tokens cannot be eliminated.
  • Can I see my token points while playing online ludo? Arrow
    The current points for each token on the board will be visible to all the players throughout the game.
  • Will all ludo players get the same number of turns? Arrow
    Yes, all the players get the same number of turns and the game of ludo will end when all the players exhaust their number of turns.
  • Does online ludo take less time? Arrow
    Yes, online ludo saves time and lets you play more. Players get a fixed time to roll the dice, think and make a move. So it eliminates any waste of time.

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