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Ludo is a traditional board game that generations have played. But, if you want a more complex and competitive version of this game, you can try Pro Loodo on First Games. Pro Loodo is a more complex variant of the original Ludo game that demands more strategic thinking and the ability to win.

To play a free online ludo game, go to First Games and choose the free ludo game from our selection of online games. After starting the game, you may choose to play against the computer or ask your friends to join you online.

The rules of Pro Loodo are similar to those of the conventional Ludo game, although there are several significant modifications. Each player has six tokens instead of four in Pro Loodo, and the game is played on a giant board with more space. Moreover, players may divide their actions amongst many tokens, allowing for more strategic play.

Thus, if you're seeking a more challenging and complex version of the original Ludo game, check out Pro Loodo on First Games. It's the ideal method to put your strategic talents to the test while still having fun, with straightforward controls, demanding gameplay, and the chance to play with people from around the globe.

Pro Loodo game online on first games – Highlights

Pro Loodo on First Games continually develops and improves to give players the most incredible gaming experience possible. These are some of the most recent upgrades and features to Pro Loodo on First Games:

New Game Modes

Loodo on First Games now has additional game types to keep the gaming engaging and fresh. The "Challenge Mode," one of the newest game options, enables users to compete against other players in real-time. The mode asks players to achieve several objectives within a certain amount of time, adding excitement and intensity to the game.

Graphics and sound effects have been improved.

Pro Loodo on First Games' visuals and sound effects have been upgraded to create a more immersive game experience. The new visuals improve the game's aesthetic appeal, while the sound effects increase the game's thrill and intensity.

More Power-Ups

Loodo on First Games now includes extra power-ups to assist players in moving their tokens forward or hindering their opponents. These power-ups are deliberately positioned across the board, increasing the game's difficulty and excitement.

Advanced AI

The AI in Loodo on First Games has been upgraded to provide players with a more challenging opponent. The AI now responds to the player's gameplay and cleverly manoeuvres to increase the game's difficulty and excitement.

New Social Features

Loodo on First Games now includes additional social elements that enable users to interact with other players from across the globe. Gamers may build profiles, add friends, and communicate with one another, making it simpler to play with friends and meet new people.

Multi-Language Support

Ludo on First Games now supports many languages, making it available to players worldwide. Players may choose their favourite language through the game options, and all in-game content will be translated appropriately.

Improved User Interface

Ludo on First Games' user interface has been enhanced to deliver a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. The redesigned UI simplifies game navigation, game mode selection, and configuration customization.

Ludo on First Games continually develops and improves to give players the most incredible gaming experience possible. Pro Loodo on First Games will bring fun and enjoyment with new game modes, updated visuals and sound effects, additional power-ups, sophisticated AI, new social features, multi-language support, and an upgraded user interface. Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, Pro Loodo on First Games is the ideal method to put your strategic abilities to the test while still having fun.

Strategies for winning at Pro Loodo on First Games

Ludo on First Games is challenging and demands strategy and a chance to win. Here are some pointers and tactics to assist you in improving your chances of winning:

Focus on Getting One Token to the Finish Line

Focusing on bringing one token to the finish line rather than spreading your plays over numerous tokens is one of the most successful tactics in Pro Loodo on First Games. By concentrating on a single token, you may employ power-ups and other methods to assist you in bringing that token across the finish line as quickly as possible. After you've reached the finish line with one token, you may concentrate on getting the rest of your tokens there.

Block Your Opponents

Blocking your opponents is an efficient strategy to slow them down and get the upper hand. If your opponent has a token near the finish line, attempt to obstruct their route with yours. This will keep them from crossing the finish line, giving you extra time to get your tokens.

Use Power-Ups Wisely

Power-ups in Pro Loodo on First Games may be game-changers, but they must be cautiously handled. Power-ups should not be used just for the sake of utilizing them. Instead, utilize them wisely to assist you in getting your tokens over the finish line quicker or to impede your opponents. You may, for example, employ the "Extra Turn" power-up to advance your token farther or the "Shield" power-up to keep your token from being returned to the starting place.

Keep Your Tokens Safe

Keeping your tokens secure from your opponents in Pro Loodo on First Games is critical. If your opponents approach too near to your tokens, they may send them back to the beginning place, causing you to waste much time. To keep your tokens safe, attempt to keep them together and defend them using power-ups like "Shield" or "Safe Zones."

Play the Corners

Attempt to move your tokens to the board's corners as quickly as possible, and employ power-ups to safeguard them. Since your opponents will have to roll the precise number required to get their tokens there, the corners of the board are a secure spot to put your tokens. This makes it more difficult for your opponents to block or return your tokens to the beginning location.

Pay Attention to Your Opponents

Attention to your opponents' movements while playing Pro Loodo on First Games is critical. Whenever you see one of your opponents approaching the finish line, attempt to obstruct their route or utilize power-ups to slow them down. Similarly, if you see one of your opponents having difficulty, attempt to exploit their predicament and bring your tokens across the finish line before they do.


Winning the first games in ludo board game online takes a mix of strategy and chance. You may improve your chances of victory by getting one token to the finish line, blocking your opponents, utilizing power-ups strategically, keeping your tokens safe, playing the corners, and paying attention to your opponents. Remember that Ludo on First Games is strategic; the more you play, the better you'll become, so download the First Games App now.


  • What exactly is Pro Loodo? Arrow
    Pro Loodo is an online multiplayer board game available on First Games. The game is based on the traditional board game Ludo but has new elements and power-ups that make it more complicated and entertaining.
  • How can I get started with Pro Loodo on First Games? Arrow
    To play Pro L00do on First Games, you must create an account using the website or app. After creating an account, you may begin a new game or join an existing one. Rolling dice, play the game to move tokens across the board to get your tokens to the finish line ahead of your opponents.
  • What are the Pro Loodo power-ups? Arrow
    Power-ups are exceptional skills that you may employ to help you win the game. Pro Ludo's power-ups include "Extra Turn," which lets you take an extra turn, "Shield," which prevents your token from being sent back to the beginning point; and "Safe Zone," which allows you to transfer your token to a safe location on the board.
  • How can I succeed at Pro Loodo? Arrow
    To win in Pro Loodo, you must beat your opponents by getting your tokens across the finish line first. This takes a mix of chance and ingenuity, such as stopping opponents, judiciously employing power-ups, and keeping your tokens safe.
  • Is it possible to play Pro Loodo with my friends? Arrow
    Sure, you may play Pro Loodo on First Games with your pals. You may create a private game and ask your friends to participate, or you can join a game established by your friends.
  • Is Pro Loodo a free game? Arrow
    Indeed, Pro Loodo is available for free on First Games. Nevertheless, in-app purchases for cash or power-ups to improve your gameplay may be offered.

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