Best online board Games to play in 2023

Online Board Games

Playing board games is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. From kids to adults, everyone is fond of board games such as chess, monopoly, tambola, carrom, ludo, and more. Not only are these games entertaining and save you from boredom, but they are also great for improving concentration and teaching the value of teamwork. 

How to play board games online?

Traditional Indian board games like the most popular game of ludo require a proper setup and 2 or more players, however, you can easily play online board games on your phone with other players, eliminating the need to convince your friends or family to play with you. You can download First Games loodo in a few easy steps:

    • Download the app or visit the official website 
    • You can choose to play ludo, pick your opponent, a computer or your friends
    • The ludo rules for both offline and online are the same, with some changes
    • First Games loodo gives you an opportunity to win cash prizes

What are the benefits of playing board games online?

Let us look at some of the benefits of playing board games online:

  • Socialising without stepping out -

    Board games are played by a group of people and it allows them to challenge each other. People who are introverts can choose to play board games online as it does not require you to have too many interactions and you can play right from the comfort of your home. Some popular board games online can be enjoyed instead of spending time watching TV or mindlessly browsing social media sites.

  • Acts as a motivation -

    Board games are highly rewarding and effectively motivate a person to focus on beating an opponent and winning. The more you win challenges, the more motivated you feel and you can play your favourite board games online with better confidence.

  • Keep your mind proactive -

    Board games are stress-busters, after a busy day at work you can play online board games and keep your mind relaxed. It helps manage anxiety by keeping your mind occupied. 

  • Build relationships -

    Board games allow you to enjoy a perfect family time, you can play these games online even if you live away from home or you have friends living in other places. 

  • No age limit -

    Board games are designed for all age groups. From young to old, everyone can easily understand the Ludo rules of the games and play to win. Many studies have recommended that older people should play some of the top board games online to enhance their memory and mood.

  • Educational in nature -

    Board games can teach a lot of important values and strategies to all players, it teaches you to apply logic before making a move in the game, have patience, and so on. 

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Tips to improve your chances of winning online board games 

Each board game has a set of rules and certain Ludo tricks which you can master and increase your chances of winning every time. Here are some of the general tips which will help you take the lead while playing some of the best board games online:  

  1. Stay focused

Even when you know the game well or when your winning chances are high, you must not lose focus. It is important to pay attention while playing board games online and remember that even a single wrong move can make you lose points or the entire game.

  1. Have a winning plan

Before you start playing you must have a proper strategy in mind. This will help you win the game and you must also know when to switch tactics and have a backup plan.

  1. Watch your opponents

It is advised to keep an eye on your opponent and try to figure out what strategies they are using. This also helps you know your position in the game and who is leading or who is falling behind. You can learn from them and also identify their weaknesses, which might help you win.

  1. Learn the rules 

The first step towards winning board games is understanding the rules of the game. When you know the rules by heart, you will be able to make smarter moves and make no errors. 

  1. Practise playing online board games

The more you practise the better you will get at a game. You will be able to make faster decisions and use your resources effectively after weighing your options and risks in the game.


Online board games have a lot in store for you! With First Games loodo and other board games, you can play frequently and win exciting cash prizes. Board games keep your mind positive and can be a part of your daily routine. You can play these games online, on-the-go and stay engaged in a productive way. Even in our fast-paced lives, these online board games help create memories even when your friends are not physically present near you.


  • Will online board game winners get a cash prize? Arrow
    Yes, you can play board games online and win some cash prizes.
  • Are online board games less time-taking? Arrow
    Yes, you can play more online board games in much less time than traditional board games that require a setup.
  • What are some of the skills required to play top online board games? Arrow
    Some of the skills required to play top online board games include language and communication skills, math skills, critical thinking and planning skills.
  • Can kids play online board games? Arrow
    Yes, online board games can be played by people of all ages. Kids can develop early learning skills and these games help boost their concentration levels.
  • Do online board games have a time limit? Arrow
    Yes, online board games have a specific time limit within which you should think and make a move.
  • Are online board games popular? Arrow
    Ans. Yes, online board games are quite popular. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic the online games market has expanded slightly.

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