Online Ludo Game – Reasons For 90s Kids To Enjoy It!

Online Ludo Game

A few childhood games from the 90s have left a mark on our childhood, like playing Ludo. The playfights we had with our siblings and the astute ways we rolled our dice to get a six bring back a bucketful of memories. Ludo has dominated the Indian household for decades. There are many board games, but ludo has always been around. The advent of technology has made it feasible for us to play ludo online. Here's why playing online Ludo game is a means to transport us to our childhood. 

90s kids games like ludo are well-known, strategy-based games. Ludo is for two to four players to play in a duo or all four. Although ludo was originally known as Pachisi in India in the sixth century and millennials did not have access to 90s online games during their childhood, this popular internet game is now played worldwide. The fact that ludo can be simply learned and played online is its best aspect. Playing this game with your family and friends will be a lot of fun.

The convenience to play online ludo has increased, owing to technological developments. All you need is a desktop, laptop or smartphone to play free online ludo game, and even make money. The game has an online multiplayer option as well as solo play. Download First Games Ludo and get ready to play the game on ludo online app.

Rules to play First Games Ludo:

Here are the rules to how to play ludo and increase your chances of winning:


The usual number of participants for a game of ludo is two to four. Each player has a corner of the square ludo kids board. There are four squares in total. Players are expected to organise their gameplay accordingly. Each of these corners has a certain colour assigned to it. 

The objective of the game

Understanding the goal of a free online ludo game is crucial before rolling the dice. Each player receives four pieces of the colour of their assigned corner as the game begins, along with an assigned side. Players use a set plan or tactic to get their pieces to the home of their respective colour before their opponents do so, with all four pieces put in their respective colour areas.

Starting the game

When the game begins after the online ludo game download, you get a two on your first attempt to roll the dice. You don't have to wait for a certain number, notably a six or one, to move any of your pieces two spaces farther. 

Keep your pieces spread out as much as possible in ludo kids game because this enhances your gaming technique and gives you more opportunity to win every game other players' tokens and maintain influence.  

Rolling sixes

There is a limit to rolling six on the dice. You don't get the third opportunity if you roll the dice three times and get a six each time. If you have the dice in the Ludo online app game, and you end up with a six after rolling, you would have the opportunity to go forward six steps, and then you would have another chance. Fortunately, you rolled a six again, giving you an extra six steps that you may use as you like—you can either take out a pawn or go six steps further while playing Ludo, one of the best 90s kids games.

Capturing pieces

Imagine your red piece successfully captured a fellow player’s yellow piece in your online ludo game. The yellow piece returns to the yard at this point, giving you another opportunity to roll the dice and move your pieces forward.

Reaching home

When a player's all four pieces arrive at the home of their respective colour before the game's allotted time is up, the ludo kids game is considered a win for the player. A player receives an additional chance to roll the dice whenever a piece gets close to home. Whoever gets all four pieces into their yard first in the ludo board game online wins.

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Play ludo online: Player modes

Two players

  1. There are just two players participating in this game layout over the entire screen after online ludo game download.
  2. The participants will be positioned on the green and blue bases for a 1 vs. 1 match. The player whose colour is blue will go first.
  3. There will be just one dice on the screen, and the two players will have the entire board to themselves to play on.
  4. The rules and gameplay are unchanged.
  5. A player is eliminated from the game, and the opponent is crowned the winner if they collectively miss three turns.

Four players

  1. This is the four-player traditional game mode with one house assigned to each along with a single dice.
  2. The free online ludo game rules and gameplay remain the same.
  3. The platform will allow modifying the number of winners and the distribution of winning prizes.
  4. Three missed turns will result in elimination from the game, with the remaining three players continuing to play.
  5. The remaining 2 players continue to play if 2 players abandon the game or fail to take their three turns, respectively. The player who remains at the table will be proclaimed the winner if 3 players quit the game or fail to take their 3 turns, respectively.
  6. A player will be ranked last if they quit the ludo online app game before it's over. If multiple players leave the game before it concludes, they are ranked in reverse chronological order.

Why is online ludo game one of the favourite 90s kids’ games?

Since ludo originated in India, it has been enjoyed here for decades and has undergone numerous modifications. This game, one of the best childhood games from the 90s, has now become available online. Thus, you can enjoy the thrill of the classic board game while playing ludo online. The generation born in the 1990s was the group that loved ludo a lot. Here are some reasons why ludo was the best 90s kids’ game. Ludo tokens hop and slide to position, their colors bright against the game board's backdrop.

Reminds them of simple times:

Due to how easy it is to play, many individuals think that ludo is the best board game. You just need to adhere to a small number of guidelines, and everything else just naturally falls into place. Ludo is the most simple to learn of all the board games. After online ludo game download and playing it a couple of times, you will understand the drill. Having an online version of it that can be played by friends and family living far away is joyful.

Works on any smartphone

These days, games need a high-end phone to function properly. This is a serious disadvantage because not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on the phone or can afford one. However, when it comes to 90s online games like Ludo, you don’t require a high-end phone to play.


Because of the ups and downs, reactions of other players, and the emotional roller coaster you experience while playing, Ludo is one of the most fun 90s kids' games to play. Unlike most games, which are more intense and competitive, ludo is lighthearted and entertaining for players of all ages. You might get into petty, amusing disagreements during the game, but they never last.

Online multiplayer

Ludo online app game improves social bonds. Ludo has so many highs and lows that a true aspect of your personality comes out, which helps people connect with one another. You can play ludo game online with random players or people you already know.


Most kids growing up in the 1990s remember ludo. It was played before technology took over their lives. They always remember their formative years when they enjoyed ludo. Since the majority of them are in their 30s or late 20s, this is a fantastic approach to jog their memory.


Playing ludo, one of the 90s games India, has been ingrained into Indian households for centuries. However, with time and technology, the Ludo board game online has been hugely popularised. It can be inconvenient for people on the go to carry a Ludo board to play, a gap that has been effectively bridged by free online Ludo game online on First Games Loodo


  • Why is the online ludo game popular in India? Arrow
    Any 90s games India with both winning and losing elements can be emotionally arousing. Ludo, however, outperforms a lot of other games because of features like strategic thinking, excitement, suspense, and more. Sometimes a player has a strong chance of winning but ends up losing, hence the thrill.
  • What are the benefits of playing online ludo game? Arrow
    Ludo enhances spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. When we succeed, it encourages us to concentrate for longer periods of time and builds our confidence.
  • Do you need a strategy to play ludo online? Arrow
    Although most people play ludo games for amusement, only some people know that ludo is a strategy game in which employing proper ludo tricks and tips can result in victory.
  • Does an online ludo game need luck? Arrow
    90s games India like Ludo is based on the elements of luck and ability. It is also based on one's understanding and proficiency with the game and situation.
  • Is online ludo game good for the brain? Arrow
    Ludo activates the part of the brain that is in charge of complicated reasoning and memory development. Ludo aids with the growth of cognitive abilities, including decision- and problem-solving in both youngsters and adults.

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